For Positivity and Energy-Grey Moonstones with Black Sunstones

  • Grey Moonstones derive its name from the sheen that glides across the surface when tilted from side to side. They are wonderful stones that  manifest new beginnings and concentrate love and nututring energy. Having this stone close to you is a gentle reminder that no matter what happened yesterday, you can create a new day today.


    You will never miss the beautiful glittering sheen found on the Black Sunstone. This amazing crystal sparkles in light due to the inclusions of Copper or Hematite found within the crystal. Wear this stone as it blesses you with a joyous spirit, empowering you with strength and optimisim in times of challenges. Sunstones encourage a flexible and curious attitude and if you keep it close to you, you will be reminded to lighten up, and dance with the dilemnas, tango with the troubles in times of difficulties.

    • 8mm Grey Moonstones with 8mm Black Sunstones
    • Natural Abalone Shell connectors
    • Suitable for wrist size 6" to 7"
    • Available for custom wrist size. Please contact us for details.


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