For Drive & Strength-Golden Tiger's Eye and Terahertz

  • Wear Tiger's Eye to remove anxiety and fear and to improve courage in your daily life. It is also a strong protective stone to shield you from negative energy. Let the golden sheen of Tiger's Eye serves as a protective mirror, deflecting harmful and unwanted energies away from you. This beautiful crystal empowers you and reignited your passions, giving you drive and energy to be successful in life. 


    Terahertz is a health stone that helps in improving blood circulation. It is believed that by regularly wearing terahertz, it will help improve our complexion.

    • 8mm Terahertz with 8mm Golden Tiger's Eye
    • Gunmetal brass connector
    • Suitable for wrist size 6" to 7"
    • Available for custom wrist size. Please contact us for details.


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