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Smoky Quartz bracelet, my favourite piece of jewellery from Vivre Gemstones. Simple, chic and elegant, it can be worn alone or with stacking, which I always do. Absolutely love it!


Beautifully well made bracelet that brings me a sense of calm whenever I wear it.Best of all,

it looks chic too! Looking forward to more beautiful pieces by Vivre


My fave piece is the Lapis Lazuli necklace with silver cranes. I requested Vivre Gemstones to look out for Lapis in the Spinel form to make into a choker but due to they could not find nice stones of the same shape, they recommended to do a long necklace instead. The necklace has a very nice dark blue color and the silver cranes bring out the elegance of it. I really like it alot. Thank you Vivre Gemstones!


As a craft person person, I wanted a bracelet that was crafted with sincerity, love and one that would take my breath away. Vivre Gemstones took my many breaths away with all the different creations. I requested Eve to customise one for me based on her intuition and I loved the masterpiece that combined rose quartz with super 7 strawberry quartz crystals. In fact, I am now a convert of her masterpieces and have also bought them as gifts for my friends.

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